Portrait of a girl in a cozy jumper, surrounded by plants.

Why hello there!

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Sharon and I'm a graphic designer, book lover, and all-around nerd extraordinaire. I love warm colors, lush fantasy universes, as well as making art for diverse stories! I live primarily on the internet, where I usually go by Skye, and secondarily in Malaysia.

What's this? An art corner?

Yes! I've had the honor of creating art for some really wonderful projects, and this is a snapshot of the things I've made! You can find more details about each individual project on my Behance profile (and it's also way better quality there).

press kindness to start

life's library bookshelves

nerdfighter valentines


A little more about me

  • I'm in my second year of a BA in Media, Culture & Communication, with a specialisation in journalism! My twin passions are graphic design and writing, and I hope to work in the publishing industry as a book designer in the future.

  • I'm currently the Artist-in-Residence at marginsbox.

  • I run the weekly Pond Book News feature on The Quiet Pond, a fantasy-themed book blog, with my adorable little sparrow named Sprout!

  • In my spare time, I just yell a lot about diverse books and the ~creative~ life on Twitter. I also periodically run The Sparrow's Perch, an art/book blog!

  • I'm also unequivocally smitten with warm palettes, rainy days, and the smell of coffee in the morning. I'm pretty sure I'd be able to subsist on coffee alone if I were allowed to.

talk to me!

If you've sat through and read all of my site—first off, thanks—you're probably a pretty cool person. We should be friends! (Probably. If that's something that you want.)

Feel free to slide into my DMs to talk to me about All The Things, especially commission work! Promise I don't bite. I'm most active on Twitter, but you'd probably be able to find me on any of my social media accounts. Please consider sending me a coffee to support my work too!

unsolicited commissions closed for college!